Joyful Yukon pottery and a funny black and white dog

>> AT THE WHEEL Working in the Jenni House with my handsome sidekick, Gus, in 2020.
(Mike Thomas photos)

Hello! My name is
Leighann Chalykoff

Over the past few years I've been building a body of ceramic work inspired by my home, Yukon. I draw inspiration from the forest floor, the dancing aurora, the migrating swans, the wildflowers and the spectacular wild Yukon river.

I believe in creating content that promotes engagement, encourages diverse voices, and benefits the community. That's why a portion of the proceeds from all ceramic sales is donated to local charities, including the Whitehorse Food Bank and the Humane Society Yukon. I also volunteer at the Arts Underground community studio in Whitehorse. 


In June 2020, I was the Jenni House Artist in Residence. I was selected for the Created in the Canyon demonstration and exhibition, and the Riverside Arts Festival in July and August 2020. I have attended numerous ceramics conferences and events. I volunteer in our local community ceramic studio and sit as the Yukon representative on the Canadian Craft Federation Board.

Over the past few months, I have been knee-deep in a Yukon River Series. >> Find out more about this series >>

And, you can find my ceramics at local retailers or through my Etsy store at

Oh yes, and the funny black and white dog is named Gus. He's a shelter dog who became part of our family in 2017, and he is the best studio companion.



These are inspired by the way the river moves and ripples, and how light reflects and refracts through the water.


>> MIGRATING SWAN BOWL |  Each year bevies of swans migrate through Yukon, stopping on the newly open lakes to rest and feed.

<< YUKON AURORA MUGS |  In fall and winter, it's common to see the northern lights dancing and moving in Yukon skies.

^^ KISSING CARIBOU CUPS  |  These cups were created as a special commission for a summer wedding.

>> BEACH GLASS EARRINGS  |  These shapes and colours were inspired by the large bottles of beautiful beach glass collected by my mother-in-law.



Leighann Chalykoff



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